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From: Anton Cox (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 08:02:36 PDT

On 3 Oct 2001, Richard S. Holmes wrote:

> > My copy of the board does not have any such list. Since this copy was
> > sent out *in* a rule it does have game status - so I dont see how Aron
> > can claim that it started out in the form he describes.
> The number of turns taken is listed on the *side* of the board.  The
> picture shows the *top* of the board...

I was not just sent a *picture* of the board, but a *copy* of it. Rule
169:1 does not say that I was sent a copy of part of it (the top
only). A picture of something can lack some visual information
contained in that object, but I dont think that a copy can.

Also, if I wanted to be super-pedantic, I could argue that in 169:1 we
were told that

  "hopefully you will all have copies of the board and so you will
   know what is going on."

I dont think that the "hopefully" modified can be reasonably attached
to anything other than the state of ownership of a copy (ie the quote
is of the form "(hopefully X) and so Y"). I do have a copy of the
board, and thus by the rest of the quote "I will know what is going

If Aron's rule holds, then ever since the start of the round I have
not known what is going on (ie, that there was a counter and that it
was decreasing), which seems to be another way in which his rule
contradicts 169:1.

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