Round 174: Happy New Year

From: Glenn Overby II (
Date: Mon Dec 31 2001 - 02:08:25 PST

Stephen Turner writes:

>By my calculations, 173:6 and 173:7 were both valid by timeout. Also, I
>think 173:10 is also now valid by timeout, and Wizard Glenn is the winner.
>Congratulations, Glenn. I'm sorry that I was so busy last week that I didn't
>get a chance to compose another rule. (Also, I was feeling a bit guilty
>about my previous rule, 173:9, being declared valid, as it contained the
>word "reasons" twice).

Thanks.  I hadn't noticed the problem in 173:9, being preoccupied with writing my
own reply.  :)

While we await a final summary of the just-completed round, I announce the start
of Round 174.  The theme will be Happy New Year.  I invite incoming Wizard
Stephen to submit the first rule.  Should he elect not to do so by 12:00:00 GMT on
2nd January 2002, the first rule may be submitted by any member of the

Da Judge

Glenn E. Overby II
Clinton Twp, MI, USA


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