Plot Summary (links): Tales of the Shoggoth

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Plot Summary (links): Tales of the Shoggoth

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There are plot synopses for the three main branches:

Fred & Evil-Fred: ... _Fred.html

Path of the Cenobite: ... obite.html

Night of Sorrow: ... orrow.html

Thanks to Wolfrun for all of these.
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Update for the "Fred and Evil-Fred" thread, AKA the first-option-every-time thread:

At the top of the staircase...


At the bottom of the staircase is...

A teenage furry fangirl, Kim who tackleglomps you (not you, the reader, but the viewpoint character "you" of so many Addventures, who has taken over the story). In shock, you sit on a poisoned tack, killing you instantly. The story now turns to Kim--

Who is immediately killed by Fred and Astra falling from the sky! They are HERE! But where is here? Well, it's some kind of ungodly mashup of New York, the Dragon's Caves, and the Staircase Room. This is the world where The One Shoggoth has manifested at last. He has taken in the form of an awkward teenage boy in goth makeup. He makes a move to destroy Astra, and then...

Is run over in a cab driven by Tarin "Zorro on Crack" Gazin, Dwarven mercenary. He needs Fred and Astra's help to gather the pages of the book of Belboz the Necromancer and undo the damage the Shoggoths did to reality. They drive off into the nightmare city, and then..


Fred wakes up outside the caves of the Dragon. He has reached the Shreken Mountains on his quest to kill the Dragon, together with the mage Tyndale and the squire Luc. They reach the caves, finding only one entrance, and take it.

Within the caves, Fred finds something he wasn't prepared for--nothing at all. Within the caves of the Dragon, there is a dead city that strangely reflects the "New York" of Fred's dreams. Fred falls asleep and dreams--or maybe he was dreaming and now wakes...

In New York, Fred finds himself in Tarin's cab with Astra. They reach a junkyard in search of the suitcase with Belboz's missing pages, and run across none other than Kim, who's stolen it for herself! They chase after her but are accosted by gang leader Tornado Mike. Fred and his companions challenge him to a fight, but the fight is interrupted by nightmarish monsters of New York: pigeons! Fred fights them off and they close in on him inexorably, and he passes out. And then...

Fred awakes in the Dead City. He is not alone. Standing above him is a pale man who speaks mysterious words: "Verak'sha ur thalen. Deilora thalen Drow'Chorazin.". He gives Fred a goblet to drink, and then...

Fred awakes in New York, but something is wrong. He is dying of the injuries inflicted by the pigeons. And then...


On the border of life and death, Fred is visited by a Voice. The Voice gives him a chance to continue his Quest, and that he has never truly made a choice over the course of his journey--only chosen the first option. It offers him a choice of two doors. He chooses the first--the one closest to who he was before.

When I open the door, my perspective changes. I wake up on a slab. The chalk-white man is standing over me, speaking to another figure, with long, elegant hands. "--and that's why the city let him enter," he says. "The Mark was already upon him," he tells this figure. "The Goddess--" And then I drift off to sleep again...

I wake up in New York City, flying up in the air. I am a pigeon! I see a horde of dire pigeons flying in the air and fight them alongside my flock. We drive them away. Then--

My whole reality falls apart again. Everything dissolves into incoherence. Through this whole journey, I've been shifting between different versions of my life, moving from situation to situation with no continuity. And now, I'm about to find out why.


I'm... Somewhere, I guess. There's a woman with me, wearing an aviator's helmet--Jenny Everywhere. (Could she be the "Goddess" the pale man was speaking about?) She tells me I made a pact with cosmic powers to save all of reality from the Shoggoths, and so I became a Shifter, a being with the power to remember all their alternate lives and travel dimensions. I now have the memory of everything I've ever been and done in every single thread. And soon, I'll have the power to walk between worlds.

Where will the cosmos take me next? Only time will tell...

This brings us up to 98698
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