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The Black Void - Episode 7851

As Fred, Astra and Exotica step out of the elevator, reality freezes up for a bit. Suddenly, a cosmic being appears! They're somewhere around twenty and thirty, and would probably look even younger if they shaved their goatee. They wear fashionable glasses but their eyes are somehow constantly in shadow.They're wearing a faux-leather longcoat with tie-dyed patterns worked straight into the material. They hold a space-black knitting needle in each hand, sparking with cosmic energies--the Knitting Needles of Continuity.

"Lo!" they say. "I am the Ununnilium Stranger, Guardian of Continuity of the Twentyverse! And I'm here to explain LNH! So OK um... The Legion of Net.Heroes is a seriously ridiculous superhero shared universe from Usenet. So not even Web 1.0, like this site, more like Web 0.5. But it's still going on! It features heroes like Cheesecake Eater Lad, Alliterative Lass, Bad Timing Boy... It can be goofy, dramatic or intense, or both at the same time.

"There's three main versions of the LNH--the classic version, with all its weird and fascinating history; LNH20, a new universe that was built from the ground up in the '10s where the Legion's just starting out; and LNHY, a creepy absurdist dystopia.

"For more information, check out lnhq.info/wiki. Oh, and none of these episodes will be part of "official" LNH continuity, unless it'd be funnier if they were, because that's how the LNH works. OK, let's go!" Ununnilium Stranger dramatically clacks their needles together and disappears.

So Fred, Astra and Exotica step into the city of Net.ropolis and find themselves facing the LNHQ, the Legion of Net.Heroes Headquarters, which is (obviously) headquarters of the Legion of Net.Heroes. But which LNHQ?

  1. The classic version. They are greeted by Ultimate Ninja
  2. The LNH20 version. They are greeted by Doc Nostalgia.
  3. The LNHY version. Oh boy. They are greeted by Pister Y. Maprika III.
  4. A completely empty version. They are greeted by an LNH Setup Kit (as seen in Looniverse Y #1). They've been called to found this world's LNH!

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Knight Random (description taken from the Stranger's article)

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