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The Black Void - Episode 103

Following the sign takes you to a large panel full of buttons with incomprehensible pictograms. On top of it is a small, wide dark panel you assume to be some kind of display. A red dot cycles back and forth on it, giving you the uncanny feeling of being watched by a cylon. There's a round padded thing on either side which you guess must be speakers.

After studying the panel for a while you decide to take a chance and press a random button. The dot disappears, a green light comes on and an electronic voice from the speakers says:

"You are here."

That is all. No map or picture, just a spoken acknowledgement of your presence. The light goes out, and the dot comes back. Feeling adventurous, you try another button. Dot out, light on, the voice says:

"At the mark the time will be... 42:18."

The light does not go out, so you wait for a while.

Wait, wait, wait...

This is boring.

You are about to give up when the voice says "Mark." and the light goes out. The dot returns.

To heck with it. You try a third button. The dot does its vanishing act, the green light comes on, and the voice announces:

"Today is the. Martian. Holiday of. Gnitchia."

The panel returns to standby mode. Now what?

  1. You hear someone snickering behind you.
  2. Someone shouts "Hey! Quit hogging the panel!"
  3. You try one of the three buttons again.
  4. Not being one to give up easily, you try another random button.
  5. Craving excitement, you try pressing two buttons at the same time.
  6. You body slam the panel.
  7. You turn to face the crowd, and shout "Happy Gnitchia, Martians!"
  8. You give up and leave.
  9. You start crying.

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12/16/2007 12:20:02 AM

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