Jimmy and Crash Survey the Universe

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 98966

Before Belboz and Minestus can do anything else, they notice that the entire multiverse is beginning to collapse into itself. Meanwhile, Astra screams in terror. She wanted out of this time loop, but not like this.

Belboz and Minestus both realize that they must break the pattern they've been stuck in, so they can not only escape the loop, but save the multiverse. Belboz is a powerful necromancer, but can he save something as vast and infinite as the entire realm of existence?

There's only one way to find out...

  1. Belboz and Minestus both successfully break out of the time loop.
  2. Belboz and Minestus disappear again. Astra cries in fear, wondering just how much longer she has until she and everything else is eradicated.
  3. ...too late!
  4. Elsewhere, the key to survival lies within...two odd characters named Jimmy and Crash?

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Ben McClellan

2/16/2014 11:49:51 PM

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