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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 98928

Astra was alone again. She hoped that she wasn't totally mad. She thought about what she had just learned. Could they escape? If they could escape, should they escape? She had gotten used to the loop as she slowly became aware of it. Like a jail inmate who had been in for too long, she had lived in the loop for weeks, months, years, perhaps even decades, and might not even be able to live outside the loop now, because too much had changed outside of it. Belboz and Minestus appeared again.

  1. but they were both chained to the wall
  2. suddenly the tunnel went dark and evil laughter was heard
  3. they wore white coats and both asked if she took her pills
  4. she told them she was too far gone to leave the loop
  5. suddenly the story police arrive, but the are also stuck
  6. deja vu again, they say the same thing as the previous episode
  7. suddenly a piano
  8. then they were chained and she was not
  9. the multiverse collapses on itself
  10. r2d2, captain america, and the author are also chained to the wall

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this is so very very wrong, but also so very very right!

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