Failing a Spot Check

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 98551

Fred the red were-dragon charged down the corridor, not paying attention to the stone tiles ahead that were raised a fraction of an inch compared to the others. He steps on one, and suddenly the ceiling opens up, revealing a large log tied to ropes. Fred attempted to belch a flame at it, but this failed because he didn't yet know how to use all of the features of his other body, and all that came out was a loud ROAR! He heard a loud *click* sound and the log fell along an arced path, hitting him squarely in the snout. His nose and jaw broken, he blacked out...

  1. ...and never woke up.
  2. ...and slowly awakened to the sound of a blade being sharpened on stone.
  3. ...and slowly awakened to the sound of humming magical wards and symbols.

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5/17/2012 9:30:41 PM

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