Lord Fred follows the cat

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9790

Lord Fred follows the cat. Fortunately it led away from the volcano. Fred realized the heat had been affecting him, making him unsure of his identity.
The cat went to a small caven that was shaped like an A. At the top point was a...litter box. The grey and white tabby gave Lord Fred a dirty look as it did it's business.
"Sorry, cat." said Lord Fred. "I thought you might lead me to something important. I'm still going to follow you, you know."
The cat buried it's dookie and pranced off down a side passage. Lord Fred followed. It opened up to a ramp thirty feet wide. Various pillars blocked his view. The cat snaked around but still headed straight up. After half a mile, the pillars stopped and the floor leveled out. Fred was on a platform about five hundred feet wide that looked out over a pit a mile wide. A wooden fence had been built near the edge. Off to one side of the platform was...

  1. a naked woman chained to a treasure chest.
  2. the cat's kittens.
  3. a strange cavern, with the legend 'Starbucks' over it's entrance.
  4. corpses.
  5. dozens of golden orbs, floating in the air.
  6. a strange group of men and women. One woman had wings, another was covered head to toe with liquid metal.
  7. a rocking chair and several entertainment scrolls.
  8. a sign that said 'Dance you freak'.
  9. a graveyard.
  10. an inviting house with a light in the window and a chimney. Lord Fred did not trust it one bit.

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