The Woman and the Treasure

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 20729

Fred's heart was uplifted, for he knew that no quest could be considered truly complete without finding as least one beautiful naked damsel and one treasure chest. Now he had found both in one fell swoop (whatever that might be). He pulled out his form from the Questers' Guild, and put ticks in the appropriate boxes.

Then he walked over and spoke to the woman: "Nice view you've got here, my lady." He pointed at the mile-wide pit.

She gave him a withering look. "It loses much of its attraction when you've been stuck here for as long as I have. Besides, from this position I can't see over the fence."

"Why don't you move, then?"

"Because this chest that I'm chained to is full of gold coins, dimwit, and must weigh about three hundred pounds. I'm strong, but I'm not that strong."

"Well, I think I can help you there. If I empty out most of the coins, maybe putting quite a few of them in my pack for safe keeping, then the chest will be much lighter. You should be able to move it easily enough then."

"What? I thought that you would try to free me!"

"And risk ruining my sword on those thick chains? Not likely. I've got a dragon to kill, and everything must take second place to that."

  1. Eventually the woman persuades Fred to try to cut her chains.
  2. Fred empties out the coins, and the woman continues on with Fred, with the chest chained to her back.
  3. But it turns out that the chains pass round the chest in such a way that its lid can't be opened even a fraction.
  4. Fred is distracted by something in the pit.

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