Fred's new mission

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9746

Fred stood by his king as they observed the small village two hundred feet below. A system of stairs and platforms on the cliff was the only way to reach it without taking an hour to go down either side of the mountain.
Fred could see small children playing and old ladies hanging laundry out to dry. Even a team of carpenters working on the roof of the church.
"I remember this village." said Fred. "I came here as a child. I spat over the side halfway down and got grounded for a week."
"Yes, well." said the king. "This village has been overrun by shapeshifters. Your mission is to find a way to utterly destroy it."

  1. "What?"
  2. "Okay."
  3. "I quit."
  4. A team of battle-hardened warriors ride up.
  5. "Pardon me." said a short man with no shoes on. "Might you have seen my friends? Pippin and Samuel?"
  6. "So when you say 'utterly destroy' it, do you mean slaughter every man, woman, and child?"

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