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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9732

Lord Frederigo D'Honaire looked at the strange object in his hands. He had found it lying on the forest floor, after he had left the Dragon's caves. It was metal, and seemed to be some sort of weapon, like a crossbow, but more powerful. He had no idea where on Earth it had come from.

But even stranger than that was the being that had jumped out of the bushes. It was none other than King Emry!

"King Emry!" said Fred. "What are you doing here?"

The king smiled. "Hello, Lord D'Honaire. Did you defeat the Dragon of the Southern Caves?"

"Yes my lord," said Fred. "That menace shall not trouble us any longer."

"Good," said the King. "And what in the name of God is that object?"

"I don't know, King."

"I see. I need your help for a little mission. Will you agree to that?"

"Indeed, my King," said Fred.

"Excellent," said the King. "Follow me."

Fred followed the King. He had no idea what to make of this turn of events. Why was the King here in person? And as if that wasn't strange enought, he seemed to have an evil glint in his eyes, and for a moment they had flashed red...

  1. A while later...

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