Serious Problems

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9723

"But whatever you do, get back my hairclasp!"

"Yes, mistress," said the guard. He was quite nervous. If he failed at this, he'd be in serious trouble. And no one wanted to be in serious trouble with Zodin.

As the guard left the room to carry out Zodin's orders, Zodin pondered the current situation. Although the mysterious stranger had captured her hairclasp, she still had enough power to conduct her...experiments...although in a more limited scale. And soon, no doubt, she would have her hairclasp back, and her plans would be complete.

She left her throne room to check on her experiments. She would check on Number Six first. Number Six was a promising subject, a once-great Great Kingdom knight who Zodin's forces had found, washed up on the shores of Aqualaria, insane, killing everything in sight, and claiming that he was once the main character in some story and that that status had been stripped from him. Since he had been all but an animal in his mind, turning him into one in body had not been much of a stretch. He had survived the transformation well, unlike many of Zodin's subjects.

Zodin remembered when she was just a sorceress in training, being taught by all those dusty old men, searching for dusty old spells in dusty old books, rather than searching out excting new experimental techniques. They had called her ruthless, said she had no ethical considerations for her subjects. Behind her back, she was called The Terrible Zodin. Eventually, she was stripped of her status as teacher of magic, and cast out into the wild woods near the Dragon's caves. But she would show them yet. She had found a kindred spirit in Minestus, the Dragon/Mage of the Southern Caves, who had helped her in her experiments and helped her in gaining military might and forging a great empire. Already, while Minestus had captured the Princess of Aqualaria, she had taken over most of that nation. Not that she'd have any use for it, except as a potential source of experimental subjects.

Then, she reached the cage of Number Six. Where she recieved a nasty shock.

Number Six was no longer there. Around where his cage was, there was dried blood. On the floor of the cave were the dead bodies of the guards. ~~Which is a good thing for them,~~ thought Zodin angrily. ~~If they were alive now, they would be facing much worse than a savage man-animal.~~ She returned to her throne room, to issue the order to track down Number Six.

  1. Meanwhile, Astra...

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