Fred the Mermaid

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97043

As soon as the words left his lips, his clothes were ripped to shreds by the transformation his body underwent. His legs were replaced by a fish tail similar to Melody's, its caudal fin flopping about helplessly. He also had other fins on the tail, probably to provide stability underwater. His upper body had undergone changes almost as radical.

His hair now reached his waist while all other hair besides those on his head had disappeared (any facial hair he had also disappeared as well). His lips grew quite plump compared to his original pair while his fingers became more dainty, webbing spread between the digits. Another fin was on either forearm with scales surrounding them, which was joined shortly by a dorsal fin on his lower back. His face clearly had changed shape as well, losing the 'strong chin' he had before. His waist narrowed, though he retained an athletic stomach. His hips had widened and he now felt a heaviness on his chest: his (or rather her as Fred will be referred to from here on) new pair of breasts.

However, she felt and looked a bit more like a fish out of water than a mermaid. She gasped, her chest rising and falling drastically from her effort to breathe. Her tail tried in vain to act like the pair of legs that they once were, but there was no way to stand since she now lacked a knee. Her scales ached from how dry and itchy they were in the sun.

"You need to get into the water before you suffocate," Melody called up to Fred. Even though her body called out for relief, her mind tried to hold her back as if denying this new reality. Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer. She 'jumped' down from the rock, landing in deeper water beside Melody with a less-than-graceful splash given how new she was to this body.

The change was instant. From being helpless, dry, itchy, and unable to breathe, she was now able to swim more freely, she was suitably wet, the itching feeling had disappeared, and she was able to breathe easier. She took deep breaths underwater, her new instincts taking over, until she was able to catch her breath. She then surfaced again and brushed the hair out of her eyes, though she was irritated that it continued to stick to other parts of her upper body that was above the surface.

Melody, still floating at the same spot, smirked after Fred resurfaced. "What is your second wish?"

  1. Fred wished that she was male again, forgetting to specify species.
  2. Fred wished that she was human again. forgetting to specify gender.
  3. Fred used his second wish to return to his previous form.
  4. Fred tried to wish to become a human again, but there was a catch.

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