Fred's Huge...Sword

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9699

Fred started to take off his pants to show the woman his penis, when suddenly, three men appeared out of nowhere! The beautiful woman ran away in fear. Fred looked up angrily at the men. "Why did you do that?" he asked. "I was on a roll!" He took out his sword and lunged at the men. "Wait! No! Stop!" said the foremost man, a man wearing the armor of a knight and a name tag that said "Sir Toby." "You're not acting of your own will! Stop it! Remember who you are!" But still, Fred moved on in inhuman fury! Then, a second man, a teenage boy of about fifteen, also in medieval armor, with a name tag that said "Sir Time Warrior" leapt out. He fought Fred off with his sword, but Fred pushed him back...and disappeared.

"A quick backlink to Episode 666," said Sir Toby. "That should take care of him, for now. And now, to stop that insane author. We must stop the author of the previous episode at any cost, before he imposes his perverted fantasies on the rest of the universe."

"Yeah," said the third man, Sir Lots42. "But which way do we go? There are three tunnels."

Sir Time Warrior looked around and saw that he was right. "Shoot," he said. He would have said something stronger, but he was an Author, and he had his code of honor. ~~Unlike the man we're trying to stop,~~ he thought. "Three tunnels? One right, one left, one center? That's such a stupid cliche! Couldn't the author of this episode have thought of something more creative?"

"You *are* the author of this episode," said Sir Toby.

"Oh, right," said Time Warrior. "I suggest we split up, and each of us takes a tunnel. I'll take the one on the right." The one on the right was the one Time Warrior had seen the beautiful woman going down. He may be an author, and he may have standards, but he was still an adolescent.

"I'll take the one on the left," said Sir Toby.

"And I'll take the one going up," said Lots42.

"What?" said Sir Toby. "There is no tunnel going up!"

"I don't care," said Lots, "I'll go up it anyway. Okay, I'll go to the center."

  1. Follow Sir Time Warrior to the right.
  2. Follow Sir Lots42 straight ahead.
  3. Follow Sir Toby to the left.
  4. Hey, wait a minute! What about Lord Fred?

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