Reinitializing Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9384

Having one's reality reinitialized wasn't much fun, Fred reckoned.

First he had to strip to his undergarments while they attached strange sucker- ended wires to several parts of his body. Then he had to step inside a cold chamber made of a substance which appeared at first to be glass but was quite different to the touch. The chamber was then sealed and filled with a thick white smoke which was chillingly cold.

"Commencing reinitialization now." Fred heard a voice from outside the chamber say. Suddenly a buzzing sound filled the air and the density of the smoke got considerably thicker. Fred started coughing and shivering as the whole thing started to get uncomfortable. The noise got steadily louder and Fred had to clamp his hands to his ears in an effort to block it out. The chamber got colder and the noise got louder until Fred began to feel unwell and feared he might black out, until...

The noise stopped. Fred stood up and looked round. He noticed with some surprise that he was once again fully clothed and armed.

Also, he was no longer in the chamber. Instead he found himself

  1. once more outside the Southern caves
  2. outside a waiting room
  3. face to face with the Dragon!
  4. in a grand chamber full of what appeared to be scribes using strange machines instead of ink and parchment

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12/13/2005 2:38:19 AM

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