The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9383

Fred found himself in a strange room. It was round, and seemed to have no doors, only one large window. Streaming past the window were strange streams of purple light. He took a closer look at the strange streams...and saw himself in it! In them, he could see all his past and future adventures, and many that he had never had and never will have... in this reality.

Fred looked around the room and saw a strange little man. "Where am I?" Fred asked the man.

"You are in the control room of the Nexus of All Realities," said the little man. "We pulled you out becasue you were trapped in a Heisenberg Degeneration Zone."

"What on Earth is that?" asked Fred.

"A Heisenberg Degeneration Zone is a zone of reality where the laws of reality unravel. Strange things happen, and the electrical impulses mess around with people's brains and cause people to do things they normally wouldn't do. Think of it this way. If Reality is a story, then Heisenberg Degeneration Zones are parts that are badly written."

"We," the man continued to explain, "are reinitializing your reality. We'll put you back in it at the point where you first entered the Dragon's caves."

"What is that window?" asked Fred.

"That is all the realities," said the man. "You may look at it, but don't look too closely, or you'll fall over the edge."

What does Fred do now?

  1. Wait for the man to reinitialize his reality.
  2. Take a look at the window.
  3. Before he can do anything, some soldiers enter the room and capture the man!
  4. Proving his hold on sanity was a tenous one, Fred pulls out his sword and chops the man's head off.

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