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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 91517

Stepping into the transformation cylinder and activating it, Jim got a bit surprised to find that this one seemed to function differently from the others. He had watched some other cylinders in action and seen them fill with green goo, from which the users would eventually emerge in different shapes.

This, apparently, was supposed to be some kind of "dry" transformation. Instead of the goo, he got flushed with a strange warmth that seemed to radiate from the walls all around him. At first, it did not seem to have much effect except for making him warmer (had he flicked the Heat switch after all?), then he noticed that the hair on his arms seemed to be melting, or rather evaporating. He had a feeling that the hair on his head and in other places was going through a similar process.

His fingernails (and probably toenails as well, though he did not bother to bend over and check) were going soft too. In fact his entire skin felt soft and fresh, and he got an inkling that the entire upper layer of dead skin cells was gone.

He was definitely changing, but so far he did not show any signs of becoming anything but a human. He was just starting to wonder if someone was pulling his leg, when he became aware of the voice.

It came from a small grille near the top of the cylinder and had been speaking for some time. Fortunately it just kept repeating the same sentence, so he had not missed anything.

He shifted his weight a bit and lifted his head to listen.

"Press switch to activate ray when ready," the voice said softly.

He blinked and looked around. Switch? Ray? This was indeed something different from the other transformation cylinders!

He eventually found the switch, true to Murphy's Law, on the wall right behind him. It was simply labeled "RAY" and had two settings - 0 and I. It was set to 0, and it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that setting it to I would activate the ray - whatever that was.

He put one finger on the switch then hesitated. Was he ready, whatever that implied? Well, noone had informed him, so there was only one way to find out.

Ready or not, here goes nothing, he said to himself - and threw the switch.

At the next moment he was bathed in a different form of radiation coming from above that seemed to penetrante every cell in his body. He let out a little scared sound as he felt skin and flesh and bone twist and turn into new hitherto unknown shapes, and his skin prickle as the lost hair was replaced with fur. Concentrating on his head, he noticed the ears sliding upwards and coming to a point as the lower part of his face pushed out into a pert little muzzle. His nose, now way out there, turned up as its skin grew darker and thicker.

Turning his attention downwards, he felt something growing out of the end of his spine, but up front he felt nothing at all. His crotch had gone completely numb, and he had an eerie feeling that the usual equipment was no longer there at all.

His feet and legs appeared to be differently proportioned, but he was still able to retain his balance as the energy stream ceased and the cylinder went dark. Not even the initial "melting" radiation was present now.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he shook his head to clear it and noticed an unfamiliar weight on his forehead, following the head around. Antlers! he thought. Did does have antlers? Well, apparently he did - and who said VR had to be true to life? He lifted his hands slowly - pausing a moment to study their new slender shape - and touched the things on his head. Yup, those were antlers alright. He then passed questing fingers over his face and the new muzzle protruding from its middle. Further down he reached the chest -

What the heck? If he was a humanoid doe, was he not supposed to have breasts? His chest was completely flat, with not even a pair of nipples. Had they screwed up and made him a stag instead? After groping around a bit he looked down -and found that he was indeed a female deer, but as far as mammaries were concerned he was more deer than human. Where he had expected breasts on his, or rather her chest there was instead a small udder peeking out between her legs. Probing under and behind it she found something a bit more expected, and she was getting her feeling back in that area too now.

Jim Doe resisted the temptation to try playing with her new organs, and started looking for an exit. There was a door in front of her, and it opened with a soft click as soon as she pushed it.

Stepping out of the cylinder she found herself apparently on the other side of it, in what seemed to be some kind of laboratory, surrounded by five or six humans in white coats, most of them holding clipboards or various instruments. What was this?

"Ah, another successful experimental run," the man who obviously was the leader, remarked as he stepped up to Jim Doe and examined her. "You look wonderful dear," he said.

Jim blinked. Was that meant as a pun? She rolled her eyes and groaned just in case. Someone snickered. "Don't quit your day job," a whisper came from the rear.

"So tell me, miss," another man asked as he stepped up to her and seemed to measure something about her fur. "What do you think about our new experimental Doe Ray?"

She blinked. "The what?" Sbe was briefly delighted to find her voice soft and lilting, before she returned to the problem that she appeared to have missed something. (Behind her, someone made a note about the tone of her voice.)

"Doe," the scientist repeated, pointing to her. "Ray," he added and pointed to the switch - now back to the 0 position - that could be seen through the open cylinder door. "A ray that makes you a doe - Doe Ray."

Then it hit her. They had used a Doe Ray on her, in the middle of the process she had made a little scared sound that could be best described as a meef, and then she had sighed with relief when it was over.

Doe Ray - meef - Aaah

She looked around and noticed a woman in the back holding a thermos bottle. "That wouldn't be Sola Tea, would it?" she asked, indicating the bottle...

Just then -

  1. a handsome stag stepped into the room
  2. the VR system shut down, Jim was back in the TV studio, and Bob Saget came forward to hand him the prize for Spotting The Pun
  3. a little girl came running into the room and shouted "Bambi! It's you!"
  4. the last two options blanked out.

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