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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 56641

Before the wolf could answer, Mark's roving gaze fell upon a thicker bundle of manuscripts bound in a material with an oddly familiar color and pattern. It was sort of tan with white spots and a darker spine, evoking vague memories of a movie seen years ago.

Bambi. That was it. Hoping for something sweet and innocent, he picked up the bundle and said hesitantly, "This one smells better..."

Won-Tolla grinned wolfishly. "Well, it does fit your request for something cleaner, compared with the average story on that site anyway. It actually started with just a little pun, but then, to paraphrase Tolkien, it grew in the telling."

Mark raised an eyebrow. "You just compared yourself to Tolkien?"

"His little toe, maybe... Anyway, the story thus far: We are back with Jim, who is exploring virtual reality. Typically he comes upon a place of transformation, where he chooses to change his species. After choosing to become an anthropomorph animal he wanders into the female section..."


"Yes, even thought there is a separate section for sex change, the species place also has an option for different sexes. Go figure. Anyway, his final choice is "a graceful doe"."

"Hence the signature." Mark glanced at the byline again. "Signatures..."

"Yeah, I took a break in the middle and forgot my old signature. So the first bits are by Bambi's Mother and the following by Bambi's Mom. But they're both me."

Mark shrugged and

  1. started reading.
  2. put down the manuscript to look for another.
  3. pricked up his ears. "Listen! Do you smell something?"

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