This Is A Sword

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8918

Out of the flash came a sword, summoned by Fred's tentative ritual. It fell to the ground and there it lay. Fred stared at the weapon. The blade alone was taller than he, and all around the edge were tiny triangle- shaped miniblades. These miniblades flew in a line all along the edge of the main blade at an immense speed, powered by some force Fred could not ascertain. When each miniblade completed its cycle, it disappeared into a small hole at the top of the hilt, and re-emerged from another hole on the other side, ready for another high speed zoom around the main blade's edge. The body of the blade was a deep purple, etched with hideously complex runes imbued with an otherworldly magic, and bright blue flames covered its whole surface. The handle was encrusted with glittering jewels, each one painstakingly positioned so as to provide the most comfortable hold possible.

Fred struggled to find the words, a word......

"Awesome." he whispered reverently.

He tried to pick it up and nearly gave himself a hernia. He tried to drag the sword across the cavern he was in. By the time he had managed it he was out of breath and his arms hurt.

"Egad!" cried Fred unnecessarily. "This sword, whilst possibly being the most potentially devastating weapon on the planet, has a very clear design flaw!"

Fred guessed that perhaps he had summoned the sword from another plane of reality, perhaps where giants roamed the earth, giants that perhaps searched endlessly for things they could reduce into component atoms, perhaps.

"Perhaps," thought Fred annoyingly. "There is another spell I can cast to make myself larger, or stronger, or the sword smaller."

The sword whirred patiently in the corner.

  1. Fred throws his hands into the air, and elects to leave the sword behind and continue on his quest.
  2. Fred finds a spell to make himself bigger.
  3. Fred finds a spell to make himself stronger.
  4. Fred finds a spell to make the sword smaller.
  5. Fred is attacked by were-wombats.

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