After All, A Knight Needs His Sword

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1203

Sir Fred realized there was no way he could slay the dragon without a sword of some kind, but since the late wizard had no weapons of his own, the only recourse Lord Fred could think of was to use the spell book to try and recreate his sword.

It took several hours to locate what appeared to be the proper spell - Fred wasn't quite sure, since the notations seemed to be deliberately vague. Using magicks scared Sir Fred more than a dozen dragons, but he had no choice - it was this or return to the king a failure!

Sir Fred pronounced the mystic enchantment, poured a vial of strange black powder into a dish filled with a foul-smelling yellow liquid.

There was a bright flash - and when it cleared...

  1. Sir Fred's sword had reappeared.
  2. A sword had appeared, but it was definitely not Sir Fred's!
  3. A strange locked chest had appeared in front of Sir Fred.
  4. Sir Fred found himself somewhere else.
  5. Sir Fred was covered in a dark yellow, foul-smelling goop!
  6. Sir Fred had fallen to the floor - transformed into a razor-sharp, gleaming silver sword!
  7. Absolutely nothing had happened.

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Bill L.

4/20/2000 9:25:47 PM

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