Here we go again

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88920

"A... again?"

"Yes, again. Remember how I just said we gave you a second chance with Fred?"

"But.. but how is that possible?"

"Well, there are several alternate timelines in this universe. When we rewound time for you, for instance, a new timeline was created. Now that you've died, that timeline has died with you."

"But... but..."

"Now, there are some alternate timelines that exist, which start with you in your past, retaining the memories of your kidnapping with the dragon."

"But what I meant was..."

"And with that, we can send you back to your childhood, or back to your palace, shortly before you were kidnapped. Which will it be?"

Astra became silent. She could go back and do it again? Simon hadn't answered her question, though, as to how it was possible that she had been mean to Fred and couldn't remember it. The alternate timelines explanation did make sense and, now that she thought of it, also explained why she couldn't remember having been mean to Fred.

But would things really turn out differently if she went back? Astra suddenly turned thoughtful:
"I could, for instance, try not being so nice to Fred, and see if things turn out differently."

"Actually, you already tried that and.."

Astra interrupted him. "Or... or try being a less spoilled child! On the other hand, if I choose to go back to before I was kidnapped, I could..." she trailed off.

But her thoughts were interrupted. "Astra, before you choose when in time you want to be sent back, you are aware that once we send you back, you cannot take back your choice? That although you will retain some memories from this, your body will move and act like that of the age you choose to be?"

"What? Oh, yes. Yes I do. That much is obvious after this experience."

"Okay then, Astra," he said, as the white light around them got brighter. "Since the decision has been made, and there's no turning back, I only need you to tell me one thing: when do you want to be sent back to?"

  1. Send me back to my childhood
  2. Send me back to before the kidnapping

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