Astra on all fours

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88790

Astra awoke to find herself in the darkness. Where was she? What was she? She tried to get up, and instinctively found herself on all fours. "Good!" thought Astra. "Two four-legged animals in a row! I must be moving up!"

She was fully aware of her reincarnation now, but she couldn't remember much before it had all started; at least nothing before "You'll be able to move up in the life following that one."
She returned to the task of finding out what she was. She took a few step forward, and found herself folding a hind leg in, and pulling herself forward with the opposing front leg, for each of these steps.

"Well, that pretty much discards reptiles and amphibians. Score! two mammals in a row!"

She tried to say "Hello," and a soft bark came out. "Wait, I'm a dog? Let's just hope I haven't been given Velus' body!" and she was shocked to remember that name. She was starting to remember more of her previous life! Maybe she could even remember where she came from!

She let out a long howl of joy! "Wait, I'm not a dog, I'm a wolf!" and to her mind came a very distant memory:

A human girl, seven, and her little sister, in the hallway of a palace. The 7-year-old was crawling through the hall, while the other followed her, laughing. The 7-year-old called out, "I'm the fiercest wolf in Aquilaria! Catch me if you can! Awooooo!"

The memory ended. "Aquilaria? That name sounds familiar! Aquilaria... Aquilaria... Now I remember! Aquilaria is my home! I rule over it! The 7- year-old was me!" And the little sister was her own sister, Agra! [88807]

Overjoyed, she rushed forward, and soon came to a light! Things were getting better all the time! The light let her see she was in a marble hall with a small pool of water in the center. A palace, perhaps? But suddenly, she stopped

  1. Her back was itching horribly!
  2. She noticed something in the reflection of the pool of water.

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