I was refused a rope, drowned, and now I'm going to be a...ghost?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88776

"A ghost!" cried out Astra.

"Yes, indeed," continued Peter. "A ghost. You must haunt the world until you've finished any and all unfinished business you left behind. Only then will we reconsider having you enter Heaven."

Astra didn't know whether to feel upset that she was being denied the entry, or excited because she'd be able to go back and say goodbye to everyone. She was actually being given a second chance!

"Every moment in your new form," he continued, "you will pay for your arrogance. Things will go through you, and you will be able to do little, or nothing, to influence the physical world. You won't be able to taste nor eat; feel nor be felt, at least not more than a cold tingle. And during all this time, you must think of what you have done right and what you have done wrong.

"If, by the time you come back, you have not changed, we will have no choice but to send you to hell."

"Sir, I..."

"No objections, Astra! It has been decided."

Astra was going to say "thank you", but it obviously seemed like a bad idea. Soon, the light had engulfed her again, and when it receded, she found that she was...

  1. back in the tunnel
  2. back at her palace
  3. in the middle of nowhere

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