Not the Fred that failed to notice you drowning; the other Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88774

"It's Fred?!" exclaimed Astra "The man that left me to die in a crag while he played tic-tac-toe in the dirt with a dog? What is he, some sort of otherworldly boss that does whatever he feels like?" "Oh no, not that Fred!"

Astra stopped herself, stunned. "It's not Lord Fred D'Honaire of Suffex, Allaria?"

"Well... yes..."

"How can there possibly be another Lord Fred..."

"Hold your horses, Astra," he said, cutting her short. "This is a Fred who was squashed by a boulder."

"Am I supposed to believe that when I splashed into the water, I sprinkled a stalactite, which then fell on Fred?"

"No, no, no! Aren't you listening? This Fred is from another universe, from an alternate timeline!"

"An alternate timeline?" echoed Astra.

"Yes. I know you've read quite a bit about the concept while in your palace. He never met you, but has been following his other-timeline selves."

Astra had been so busy listening to him, that she hadn't noticed Fred had come out of the Pearly Gates and was standing right beside her.

"Oh, another Astra! Delightful. The fourty-second, if I'm not mistaken."

  1. Astra tries to kill Fred
  2. Astra tries to kiss Fred

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