Astra's attempted murder

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88676

Astra lounged herself upon Fred, put her hands around his neck, and started to press as hard as she could.

"Where were you when I needed you, you jerk? Now you'll know what I felt!"

The man that had first attended Astra struggled to pull them apart, but it was in vain. Astra continued pressing until she was sure Fred was not breathing anymore.

When she released him, to her astonishment, Fred walked calmly a few steps away, without even gasping for air.

"What? But I just killed you! The Monkey Wrench Strangle never fails!"

"See Astra?" said the old man, "This is what I'm talking about. You're in general a good person, but you have these... bouts..."

Fred, however, started lecturing. "You can't hurt anyone in the afterlife. Well, not physically, anyway. But my feelings are deeply hurt, that my one true love should try to kill me. All right, rationally I known that – just as I am not your Fred – you are not my Astra. But somehow, that doesn't seem to help much."

"Now, about Astra's fate..." pressed the old man.

"Yes, yes, that. I consulted around. You're going to be reincarnated. We're giving you another life and will re-evaluate you... next time around..."

"Reincarnated?" shouted Astra in disbeleif.

"Now there's something you should know about reincarnation, Astra."

  1. "I don't have any say in what your new life will be like."
  2. "I get to decide what your new life will be like."
  3. "You have to decide what your new form will be."

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