Fred and Velus go on

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88747

Although she didn't seem to understand what they were saying, nothing could be clearer to the ghost than having both of them turn their backs on her and walk away. The ghost floated towards the ground in sadness and despair, and began to weep.

  1. Fred and Velus are overcome with guilt, and turn back to confort the ghost
  2. The ghost cried and cried for three weeks, when two boys named Bob and Brandy chanced upon her while exploring the cave
  3. Fred and velus came upon a large cave, in the centre of which lay the dragon on its hoard of gold and jewels
  4. Fred and Velus came upon an alien king in a hut
  5. Fred and Velus came upon a red door
  6. Fred and Velus find a tunnel leading to a forest
  7. Fred and Velus reach a room full of smoke
  8. Fred and Velus get to mysterious set of lights that bend reality as if it were an illusion

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