Just a Casual Moon Trek....And a Few Wagers!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8870

And so they began their walk across the lunar surface...

"You know that Sigin's dying to have gone with us," Inquirer sighs as she remembers the look of longing on the young seeming face of the dragon mage's human face.

"Yes, but we well just can't have him and everyone traipsing around in this forcefield bridge," the Doctor says, "for while my brother's TARDIS' forcefield may indeed be able to reach the other TARDIS and enfold her within it's grasp, but to have more than the three of us..... Well, it would be rather cramped, would it not?"

Ragan and Inquirer agree, looking ahead at the area dead ahead of them.

The shimmering area would be just a bit crowded if all went.

They halt before what looks like a large boulder that is the Master's TARDIS in disguise. Inquirer solemnly picked up an American flag that had been planted by an Apollo astronaut decades ago (by the Earthen calendar of the world that hung low in black sky) and handed it over to Ragan, who looks a bit befuddled when the enormity of it all rears up and seems to strike.

As if everything else was just ordinary, she thinks mockingly to herself as she brushes her red hair out of her face as she tries (unsuccessfully) to roll up the flag to make it easier to handle. She then sighs and fiddles with an insert that was meant to keep "Old Glory" forever waving in what until only moments ago was an airless waste.

.....all that and they couldn't plant it well enough to make it stand up to the thrust wash from the LEM. Ragan sighs as she finally manages to get the flag settled.

The Doctor pauses for a moment to figure the best course of action.

There were several options open to him. He could just reach out and try to open this TARDIS by hand, barring if it was locked (likely since this Master probably had that vital piece of equipment stolen by his counterpart that one time long ago....just like he did with his old nemisis so long ago.....). He was a bit hesistent to do such an act, for Betty and Ragan had told him.....eiry stories of things that would have/could have happened in the future. Things that involved people's minds being sucked into the Master's computer via a booby trap laid on the very face of the evil Time Lord's TARDIS' door. He could attempt to use his sonic screwdriver in a similar manner to "pick the lock" (something a bit easier to do with his tools than the female golem's physical tools of the trade). Still, that would be difficult and slow. Finally, he could use his new skills of the occult.....something that seemed to be dancing on the tip of his tongue.....his magic begging to be put to use!

The Doctor begins to draw forth various magic material when Inquirer coughs.

"Bet you I can get inside quicker than that," she says in a coy voice.

"Really now?" the Time Lord says, sensing a challenge. Despite himself, his curiosity at this enigmatic being drew him in. "That would be interesting, considering that you know that a TARDIS' door lock is rather complex AND you and I are at the same level of magical skill.....for the moment."

Inquirer's smile grew a bit more, a twinkle of challenge in her eyes.

"Oh.....I have plans," the female golem smiled softly. "That I can open this can up easy and safely AND perhaps even....solve your problem of credibility with your brother over magic?"

The Doctor's eyes flash, a slight frown forming. That his brother didn't believe him had....been most vexing! If an analog of him would not/could not be convinced of something such as this.....

How would he be able to convince the Supreme Council of the admittedly radical truth the Doctor now knew?! That magic actually existed?

How to say it, and not sound insane?

"That would take some doing," the Time Lord finally says. "and you can do this? This I must see, my dear."

"Uh....what are the terms of this bet," Ragan asks, curious, "what will the Doctor get if he wins....that is. What if you can't deliver and all that."

"One as of yet to be named service by me if I win," Inquirer smiled, "nothing distasteful or dishonorable. Vice versa for him if I win. Deal?"

"Deal!" the Doctor says, shaking the AI's hand.

Ragan holds back a protest, remembering something that she had overheard whispered between the Inquirer and the dragon mage earlier when the Doctors had been deeply involved with some serious problems with the TARDIS behind her. Ragan remembered something about a theorem that a Dr. Vincent had eagerly shared with the golem and dragon mages earlier..... Something that the Doctor apparently hadn't been told of yet.

Something like the beginning of a Unified Theory between magic and regular physics?

Inquirer leaned down and traced a strange but short equation that Betty couldn't follow (some of the symbols being unique to Terra Prime and several parallel worlds of Terra). The Doctor, however, had received enough magical training to follow....and groans in consternation.

"Oh dear, but that WOULD get his attention....and then some," he says softly, aghast. "My dear, that small equation would.....just....."

It would overturn many of those theories that I had so many doubts about back in my Academy days. Those equations that threw me for a loop. Those theories that earned me that rather low.....regrettable grade in that one course who's teacher was aglow with conviction that they were like the Gospel, as it were.

Oh, but wouldn't it make a few heads SPIN!

He (and his brother....once the Doctor shared this with him) would/could gain MUCH by this. Perhaps.....

Four withheld regeneration, most likely. Maybe even......

Well, mayhaps his brother might even get his Name back!

As for the Doctor, he figured that he'd save the political kudoes from this bit of academic dynamite for use with his universes Romana......when the Council tried to do to her what they had done with HIM......

He'd love to just see several Council member faces when THAT came!

"Ah, but now," the Doctor smiled, a sly look on his face. "How do you.....?"

  1. Inquirer holds up a simple looking key. The key that was one of many things stripped off of the Master. The Doctor blinks and feels......

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