To be company, two is company

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88595

"Wait, you're staying then? What about all that 'unfinished business' you were talking about?"

"It can wait," said Astra, "until after you slay the dragon."

"But I thought you needed to slay the dragon!" said Fred.

"The dragon needs to be slayed for me to return home, and I have a feeling I'll know when that happens, regardless of who does it, because it is one of my unfinished businesses."


"Besides, I trust you fully, Fred. I know you can do it!"

"But I can't go alone! It's an unfair fight! Why can't you bring your friend along?"

"She's been alone for God knows how long, she just needs to spend some time doing 'girl talk' with someone."

"And... you had to die for this to be possible?"

"Looks like it, since I don't know her language."

"But Astra..."

"Fred, the time has come to say goodbye. You must leave, let the dead be, and continue your quest."

"Women," thought Fred, "You just can't win." However, aloud he said, "Alright, Astra. Goodbye. Have a good time with your new friend."

"Goodbye, Fred! Have a good time with..."

"The dragon?"

"I was going to say Velus, but that works too."

He and Velus started back out into the tunnel, but Fred turned back a moment to add one last thing.

"And, Astra?"


"We'll miss you."

Fred left before he changed his mind, and came back to the market place. There he noticed another tunnel that he hadn't seen before. It led him straight to...

  1. A large cave, in the centre of which lay the dragon on its hoard of gold and jewels
  2. An alien king in a hut
  3. A red door
  4. A forest
  5. A room full of smoke
  6. A mysterious set of lights that bend reality as if it were an illusion

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