Someone Else

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 87121

As Fred and Astra stood by the sign, they were approached by an androgynous character from the village. "Welcome to Somewhere Else!" the person said cheerfully. "May I inquire as to your names?"

"Yes, you may," Fred answered generously. After a brief pause the native laughed the dry laugh of someone who had heard a joke hundreds of times before, and asked: "So what are your names?"

Before Fred had a chance to complicate matters further, Astra introduced herself and her companion, which earned her a hurt look from Lord Fred. "And who are you?" she asked.

"My name is of little consequence. I am Someone Else."

"I see. Nice to meet you, Else."

"Oh, just call me Someone. Otherwise I might think you're referring to the village."

"And what do you do when not welcoming strangers?" Fred put in.

"Why, I do something else of course!"

"Clear as mud," Astra muttered. "What about the other (she looked at the sign) 1359 people in the village?"

"Oh, they are Someone Else too!"

Fred stared at the guide, suddenly realizing that it was not the same person as one minute ago. How long had this been going on? "You are all called Someone Else?" he stuttered.


"The census takers must love you guys." Astra remarked sarcastically.

  1. "Lady, you have no idea!"
  2. "I don't know what you are talking about."
  3. "Oh, we don't do censuses (censi?), we just count our nostrils and divide by four!"
  4. Fred does something else.
  5. Fred takes a different course of action.
  6. Something else is done by Fred.
  7. Astra does something else.

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