Sister, sister....Melissa, Melissa.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8610

Outside, Melissa blinks as something this other....oddly familiar voice says. It makes a connection within her mind.

It sounded like what she'd sound like....if she pitched her voice a touch higher than usual. In one acting job, she had played the part of a rather....scantily clad Santa Claus helper in a risqué small budget movie. In fact, the voice behind the door reminded her of what she sounded like throughout the parts she played in that movie. Now, why Betty 1 would be talking like that is anyone's guess, but....."

"That's just got to be one of the Betties!" Melissa blurts out.

Frederigo looks over at her with a look that Melissa can't exactly read.

"Maybe....maybe not," the manfox says softly, who feels something akin in the air when he is near analogous people are nearby. Then he turns and knocks on the door in what he figured would be a restrained knock.

He's a bit out of practice at knocking before entering a house, for back in the Manimal Nation a houseguest is felt long before the need of knocking on a door happens. One manimal's can feel the intention of another manimal....since the entirety of the Pack was of one Heart (if of many minds).

It is a credit to Fred's upbringing that he remembered to knock. There is that. However, with the onset of his new body....that of a manfox.....he was much stronger than what he had been as a mere human being. Usually he doesn't slip up like this, but this time what was intended as a gentle tapping turned into a pounding that shakes the door on it's frame!

Fred winces as his goof and at the wave of fright that eminates from inside.

Probably thinks I'm the town guard angered at her for something, Fred thinks to himself as his tail droops in consternation. Nice move, Lord Frederigo D'Honaire!

The door opens immediately and the slightly flustered dressmaker is greeted with the sight of the manfox and the human Melissa (who's looking over at Fred with a questioning look).

"Ma'am, pardon the abrupt interruption but I have a feeling we need to talk," Fred says, adopting the manner of a knight on a mission (to better cover his gaff). "I believe you have a guest in there who perhaps would like to meet this woman? A red headed woman who looks like her?"

"She....kind of looks like her, milord," Rinsa says, curtsying quickly as she recognizes the friend of the Regent and son of the Duke D'Honaire. This is NOT a person to slight by skimping on courtesy where it was due to those of high blood!

Even if the blood had been considered tainted at one time......

"Milord, come inside....please!" Rinsa continues as she makes way for the Pack Leader and what Rinsa recognizes as one of the Twins of Doom!

Rumors still abounded around what their appearance actually meant, but the rumors now-a-day indicated that the Doom Twins were actually bringers of Good fortune. Some rumors even told of them being responsible for revealing an assassination attempt before the fell crime could be committed (but the rumors were contradictory and all attempts by Rinsa to squeeze out the truth from her brother had failed miserably....).

This may prove enlightening.

As they enter the main work room, a red haired elfin lady in a blue (!) dress comes out from the shadows....and is openly gaping up at her still human "sister".

She runs over and clasps the human "twin's" hand and is actually jumping up and down in excitement as she starts to ask her friend questions!

"Betty!" the elfin woman cries, gladdened to see her supposed "twin". "Thank God you're okay! What happened to the TARDIS after that alarm went off and that heat mirage thingamabob hit me? What happen to that bastard, the Master? Heck, what happened to Earth?! Is it safe? Why are you wearing what I wore after we met the Doctor the first time?!"

"Wha....," the human Melissa begins before starting again. "Okay just calm down, Betty! You know that we had to dive out of the TARDIS when that klaxon went off. The Doctor's TARDIS self destructed and we nearly got lunched for being the supposed messangers of destruction, the Twins of Doom. Thank goodness the Regent was able to calm the people and at least take us away into protective custody (though I wasn't too thrilled with being treated like a prisoner). It was a mess! But you know that! And you know that that Walker woman went out and killed the Master. That's one up for her in my book, let me tell you! What....happened to you?!"

The human Melissa suddenly blinks, recalling what this....elf just called her at the beginning of all this.

The elfin Betty blinks and suddenly remembers herself, and laughs a little bit in embarrassment as she gathers herself. Apparently, being an elf meant one tended to be a bit more....energetic. She got carried away in the moment.


"What...did you call me?" the Melissas ask each other. "I'm Melissa."

The two women look like they are about to get into a real argument here when the humanoid fox clears his throat. Rinsa, already having guessed the truth, just stands back and watches silently.

"Pardon the interruption," Frederigo D'Honaire, Pack Leader, says in his most courtly voice (causing all the woman present to pause and smile in delight in spite themselves). "But perhaps I could explain what I feel is happening. You see, I know something of what is happening here. You see, you both are Melissa..... just that each of you are from another universe. I should know, or the same happened to me......over a dozen times."

"It's the basis of the doppleganger legend," the manfox continues.

"But....I'm not overcome by an all consuming desire to see my other killed," the elfin Melissa protests, remembering her English literature classes. The human Melissa echoes that sentiment, aghast at the very idea. In fact, for some reason.....there was something very.....likable about his....sister.

Odd, considering that she actually knew little to nothing about this elfin sister.

Fred smiled, sensing the bond of sistership forming between elf and human. He'd felt it happen with himself and with his new father, Drederigo D'Honaire.

"Well, I will tell you what my mage told me when I asked him of this a while ago and he had this theory," the manfox says, tail swishing slowly as he smiled. "According to certain dictates set down by how magic interacts with your heart.....not the muscular pump but your of two things happen when REAL closely related . One gets a quick feel of what the other is like upon meeting. Such has happened right now. You and your doppleganger react in one of two ways....either you instantly HATE one another and with extreme cases, as what happened with two dwarves I know of (re: 4025), one will seek out the other and slay him or die trying. The other extreme is less....varied. It always ends up the same way. I've seen it enough times with friends....with believe it."

"What....happens?" the elfin Melissa says softly, reaching up and giving her sister a friendly reassuring pat on the back to calm her as she shivers as a feeling of dread crawls down her spine.

"Well, you eventually become so close as to be blood brothers and sisters," the manfox smiles, causing the Melissas to stare at him, then at each other in speculation. "You eventually come to love your double as a brother or sister....a close and dear, brother and sister. And before you ask.....'

"It's happening with them right now," Rinsa puts in, guessing the truth.

"And....there's little choice in the matter," the manfox smiles as the Melissas quickly succumb to the nature of their relationship. Both cry and laugh, hugging the other as long lost kin finally finding the other after years of separation. Due to their alien nature, the minds and hearts of the Melissas had little to no defense.... nor desire.... to stop the process... the melding.... from happening.

"So quick," the dressmaker says quietly as the Melissas happily chatter together in what one can only called verbal shorthand.

"I've seen it happen with several others," Fred says softly back. "Since it's relatively benign....I and most other authorities are not concerned. It's something of a blessing, for this will help get this new Melissa over the shock of acclimation.....if what I think happened to her Matrix happened."

  1. The manfox suddenly turns a speculating eye on Rinsa, who looks uncomfortable at the attention.....

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