Ah, I think I See!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8573

Rinsa blinks at that odd phrase, and then suddenly remembers several of the Others like the Golems using such a phrase. A native would have used the more common form of the name of the world, Terra, instead of Earth. Maybe something similar to what some of the wilder stories her brother had told her about....concerning the going ons of those he occasionally dealt with at the Regent's Palace?

Whatever the case, she did not wish to jump to wild conclusions and make herself look the fool! The dressmaker felt the stirring of excitement of touching something more out of the usual than her somewhat monotonous routine of dressmaking.

Nothing conclusive yet, but perhaps. And Lord willing, perhaps this might not turn dangerous....but fun?

And there is always the possibility of a con job.....

That definitely put a damper on Rinsa's growing excitement, but didn't kill it completely.

So, the dressmaker decides to just go about and answer the elf's question. After that, perhaps she could somehow go about asking just what is the cause of the elf's almost goofy smile....and just WHY she was feeling her ear tips like she never felt them before.

Rinsa had a hunch she knew why. Mayhaps that initial wild idea was correct?

"Well, I thought perhaps you were a user of magic," Rinsa says slowly, gauging the elfin woman's look of surprise. "They have a habit of using their magic to cast their gaze into the possible futures....and sometimes according to my brother.....they sometimes hear or see strange images of distant.....eldritch worlds. Sometimes words follow those images that catches the fancy of a wizard. And so he or she uses it in casual conversation.....and it spreads like wildfire. In other words, an alien concept or turn of words will find itself transplanted to Terra. I'm told that one concept in particular caught the fancy of and evil dragon and led to an...awkward situation for several friends of the Regent (re: 1527). But....I think we have a bit of a problem here?"

Melissa pauses in her examination of her pointed ears, still amazed that they aren't just a stupid Star Trek "Mr. Spock" set of ears. No matter how realistic a make up artist makes those pointed things, Melissa knew that they don't work THIS way. Not only could she feel her new ears with her fingers.....she felt her ears being touched by her fingers. Combine that with the craziness of demons, elves, and a supernatural biker WITH the fact that this dressmaker thought she was from an elfin village.

"Could....I see a mirror?" Melissa whispered, hoping against hope. Hoping to see what she HOPED she'd become.

She'd gone into acting at an early age to feed a fantasy of shape shifting and magic, continued on to satisfy that need. Acting wasn't the best of substitues, but it had served her well enough....considering that there was no such thing as magic....and she'd never realize the dream stirred by her friend Wendy Fletcher.....of becoming an actual elf.

A secret desire she'd shared with no one. One that even she admitted was a strange....weird desire. But her's nonetheless.

A dream realized, as she gazed into the full length mirror.

The general features were those she'd grown to expect upon looking into a mirror, but there were marked differences. First, was the fact that her ears were definitely pointed (similar to that strange elf, Kuriel's) . Another, she had already figured upon...the fact that she stood at a mere four feet. The last part made her draw up in surprise. While her senses seemed to be sharper than ever....and steadily increasing....apparently her nudity had been so....natural to her new body that her lack of clothing failed to register. Later, she'd have to have somebody examine her (a mage perhaps......given the milieu she sudden finds herself in it seemed to be the right way to go). But something told her that her new elfin body was real....and real


And she wanted to sing in ecstasy at that! In that regard, whoever or Whoever has done this seemed to have read her heart....and made her wish flesh and blood.

But, whoever or whatever had given this gift to her...seemed to have taken great pleasure in forgetting to give her clothing along with her new body!

"Ah....yes there is a bit of a problem," Melissa stammers, resisting the urge to cover her private parts in embarrassment (being scantily clad was one thing for her....this was entirely different). "I seemed to have....misplaced my clothing. And there also is something else.....that you're going to think that sounds insane but....."

"Something like you being changed into an elf?" Rinsa says while pulling out an outfit that she'd made a mistake upon while ago....through a miscommunication. "Believe it or not, that's been happening a lot, lately. Very much the subject of debate as to what it all means....."

Melissa looks at Rinsa oddly. How come this dress maker is so blaise about something like that? What kind of world is this? What happened, did she suddenly become the main focus of Addventure suddenly (she shivers at the very thought).

Melissa then takes the lovely dress that Risna has given her and thanks her. She quickly downs the dress, and pauses in consternation.

Her human sense of fashion says that while a bit on the old fashioned side, this calf length dress should be wonderful (even without shoes....something that Rinsa doesn't have.....since she's a dress maker and not a cobbler). Blue had always been her favorite color and looked best on her.....but now.....

"Yes, I know...." Risna sighs as Melissa looks at her image in the mirror. "Not your color. I had heard but not believed until recently the rumors that green clothing was the ONLY type of clothing an elf wears. Something to do in relation to the fact they prefer forests, I'm told."

"I...guess you're right," Melissa finally says, silently wondering just what else will change with her shift to a new race.

"But for the time being that will cover you for modesty," Rinsa says in a satisfied voice. "Don't worry about payment....consider it just an act of Christian charity, friend. Now, I think the next course of action would be to get in touch with my brother....who may be able to help with whatever you.....came here for?"

"Yes! I've still got to get in touch with the Doctor," Melissa says, suddenly seized by an urgent need.

"You need a doctor?" Rinsa says, suddenly looking concerned (and wondering just what doctor would be able to handle an elfin patient). "Are you ill? And you seemed to be referring to someone in particular."

"He just calls himself the Doctor," Melissa mutters in consternation, annoyance arising anew at the strange "Time Lord's" reluctance to reveal his real name.

"That's just got to be one of the Betties!" a familiar sounding voice suddenly says from behind the front door to the dressmakers place of business.

  1. A sudden knocking sound comes from the door....a bit on the loud side.

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