Books on Scott Chen

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 85426

Dazed and confused, Scott picks up one of the thousands of books on his life. What was the title?

  1. Dating Scott Chen: The Krissy Story.
  2. Cheating With Scott Chen: The Beth Story.
  3. Homosexuality With Scott Chen: Jasper Hewitt's Life And Times.
  4. Scott Versus Childers.
  5. Beating Up Paraplegic Midgets: Scott Chen's Joys Explained.
  6. What Scott Chen Is Doing Right Now.
  7. Why Scott Has An Asian Last Name But Is Not Asian.
  8. Eye Surgery For Dummies: A Scott Chen Surgery Book.
  9. What Scott Chen is Doing Right Now... (reprise)

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4/18/2013 8:12:14 AM

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