Fred Asks About Dragons

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8535

Belboz shakes his head and sighs as he settles down to give a lengthy explanation about the different types of dragons. Fred, there are red, blue, black, gold, silver, green, purple, white, amethyst and faerie dragons.

  1. A red dragon is made of muscle and fire.
  2. A blue dragon is made thunder and lightning.
  3. A black dragon is made of acid and hunger.
  4. A gold dragon is made of brains and good-will.
  5. A silver dragon is made of god-like intellect and a whole lot of spunk.
  6. A green dragon is made of spite and gas.
  7. A purple dragon is made of pure energy and a small powerful spirit.
  8. A white dragon is made of bone and the icy chill of death.
  9. An amethyst dragon is made of force and relaxation.
  10. A faerie dragon is made of fun and frolick.

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