Drawing of the Three (Doctors) Part 2

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8525

"I'm afraid she no longer exists?!" the Betties gasp in unison.

More would be said, explained. Cried over in grief.

That is, if there had been more time.

The "heat shimmer" is back, with a vengeance!

Voices from out of nowhere are speaking.....fading in and out....

"I must say, I seem to be rather lacking in ideas at the moment." somebody says, sounding like the Master.

Other voices say other things.....

The "real" Master looks about, at a loss for words, when what is the cause of these other voices......

"Parallels!" He shouts.....along with yet another voice that sounds just like his (making an odd duet, Stacy thinks to herself).

Now if he could only remember what that odd fellow told him about such a case.....

"If I use the Tr'saxth Principle I think....." the other says.

The Master suddenly grows chalk white, as well as the Doctor. Both look like they want to shout at the other voice to stop him from doing something....somebody is going to regret.

"Well, DO something QUICKLY, you jerk!" the Stacy shouts at the Master, thinking that this Master is the one who is suggesting such a crazy thing. Obviously, whatever Stacy's true background (clouded by her amnesia), it doesn't include temporal mechanics (or at least not an esoteric.....not well regarded.....branch founded by a half crazed Tularian.....)

  1. "Done!" the voice says.....and the room spins crazily just before the ground rushes up to greet them.....

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