Three of a kind......

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8481

Someplace....somewhen....things skitter through Melissa's mind.

The dressmaker takes some measurements and goes off muttering to herself, wondering how to design a dress when she can't be sure precisely what size the bride will be on the day. (re: 8480).

The Master looked uncomfortable. "I must say, I seem to be rather lacking in ideas at the moment." (re: 8528)

"I'm afraid she no longer exists." the Doctor replied. (re: 8488).

"Huh?" Melissa asks thickly as she blearily looks around the room that she finds herself in. She closes her eyes again and awaits the dizziness to subside, wondering if she ate something to cause those weird dreams. Weird they had been, up to and including a "time machine" that looked like an English Police call box and owned by a strange man who dressed up like he was the Phantom of the Opera (minus the mask).

That last part about her not THAT was a laugh....

She just didn't laughing right now.

  1. She nearly screams as suddenly the room seems to surge and grow around her......

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