Space-Time Ripple

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8462

The ripple started at doors that led to the outside and moved rapidly through the room towards them. It looked much like the sort of rippling effect you got in the air on very hot days, Stacy thought, only a thousand times more intense. It swept acrosss them, tingling briefly against their skins, hit the far wall, and began to flow back across the room. Suddenly, the ripple bunched up on itself, compacted itself into a narrow, sparkling column, and swooped directly down to engulf:

  1. Stacy
  2. the Doctor
  3. Melissa
  4. the red-headed Betty
  5. the brown-haired Betty
  6. the Master
  7. the TARDIS console

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3/27/2000 1:36:23 AM

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