A Doctor....of science and magery?!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8295

"You want me to what?" the Doctor nearly laughs in disbelief, then snaps back any objections or other negative comments as the wives of Trilling give off a rumbling growl at him. This "Doctor" is the key to their husband's survival. Never mind that their nation would be without a leader without Trilling

The female griffins would rip the Time Lord apart if he said "no"....That is the general impression the Twins, Stacy, and the Doctor get from this all. Besides, a mind's fate IS in the balance here....

The Doctor, now dressed again in the dandyish clothing he had been stripped of upon arriving on Terra Prime, looks down in consternation at the pendant that seems to now translate his speech into the local tongue. With the destruction of his TARDIS his telepathic link to the blessed mechanism had been severed, and thus robbing him and his companions of the ability to translate the babble of the universe at large into something understandable. This magical pendant does wonders, but it still makes the Doctor a bit nervous. He had never believed in magic.

But current events were rapidly make him reconsider that opinion. It eases his anxiety over it by thinking of this "magic" as a different flavor of physics. He then blinks as a thought occurred to him.

Now, if they say about having this....crash course in magic is true....he'd be opening up a door into something that no other Time Lord had ever seen before....really. Always the curious scientist at heart, the Doctor suddenly found his curiosity piqued.

And it would be unconscionable to leave this poor.....being....in the lurch like this......

The Doctor smiled

"So....you say the only way that I can save the mind of this....gryphon is to help in an exorcism after this....crash course in magery?" the Time Lord asks.

Later, as the Doctor and the magic users are linked via the "net."

"I don't get this," Betty says yet again to her red haired counterpart. "Nowhere in the stories did the TARDIS....ever...." She hold back a sob before continuing.

"The TARDIS never got destroyed," she continued, sadly. "The only thing that it could be is...."

"Is that something like a parallel version of the series is happening?" Stacy puts in.

"Exactly," red headed Betty says, nodding. "This Doctor's life may have been what WE knew of it through the show.....up until something like the episode before Planet of the Spiders where we see the Doctor regenerate into his fourth incarnation at the end....."

"Okaaayyyy," Melissa says, breaking in. "All this is fine and well, and apparently this.....British science fiction story you both are so both much a fan of is great. It seems to go along with the mix of fantasy and other science fiction shows....as far as not being too out of place for this strange place- that I and Stacy have stumbled across while you two were thrashing things out.."

"I met the real Janeway," Stacy says in a happy voice out of the blue.

Stacy was still missing large portions of her memory, but the sight of the Star Fleet officer had jogged THAT up out of her mind. The befuddled Federation official, in a hurry to yet another vital meeting with the Federations allies in the Military, had been kind enough to at least exchange a few words with the star struck Stacy.

Janeway (now Admiral) had passed the duty of answering the dozens upon dozens of questions Stacy had to a small demifox mage (in training). The apprentice mage's ears twitch as he watched the exchange between the human women take place, seeing what he could do next to aid these displaced folk.

Both Stacy's make a face at the mention of the Star Trek Voyager's captain's name. Back in Addventure one of them even wrote an episode where Scott vaporized a bald version of this annoying character. Both have a strong dislike of the fictitious captain, feeling that she was a bit.....overblown and such. They then blink when they catch the qualifier.

"The....real Janeway?" red haired Betty asks her counterpart, aghast.

"Hey...you have your science fiction icon.....and now I have mine," Stacy says in a somewhat satisfied manner.

"Correct me if I'm wrong," Solomon, former Ensign and human of Voyager before becoming a demifox and then mage's apprentice due to a drunken run in with some demifox kits, says, thinking about something she'd learned of the Betties from both Stacy and Melissa. "Both Betty's....both of you work at the VLA, looking at the heavens for answers to the questions of the cosmos....even perhaps about whether or not there is intelligent life amongst the stars, right?"

"They.....have knowledge hundreds of years in advance of what we're just learning at VLA...." The red headed Betty gasps, looking at her stunned looking counterpart.

The other Betty Ragan suddenly gets a funny grin and laughs a bit.

"Hey....with that and aliens....ALONG with the Doctor...." One begins.

"And that dragon....dragoness DID say that we could perhaps stay around and learn from them and some of their.....friends?" the other Betty ends with a questioning look down at the demifox.

  1. "The Regent was offering to have some of her friends teach you and your friends trained in the Arte of magic....as well as learning from the Alliance and the Federation," the demifox begins.

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