Exorcising your Rites......

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8262

Sigin decides that he will need to consult with his fellow mages and with the Regent before he attempts the exorcism. This is too important for him to make the final decision himself.

The Empress of the Dwarven Nation, Diane Walker.....is fighting down the urge to jump up and down in impatience for this meeting to be done with. She had heard rumors......and not believing, had gone down on a whim to see the actual prisoners of this......."Tardis".....and had nearly fallen over in surprise after seeing the man with a shock of white hair. She'd never seen the three woman before, but she'd seen enough bootlegged 20th century videos of Dr. Who to recognize one of the more beloved icons of British science fiction! Walker KNEW this guy! Somehow, the TARDIS actually had arrived here....and she was looking at the REAL Doctor...in the flesh!!

The exclamation she'd given off - in plain English - had both shocked....and gladdened the hearts of the Doctor and companions. Shocked, because Diane's tenor in the Military would make any old sailor stand back and take notice! Delighted, for this curse word was....in ENGLISH!!

The guards had watched in silent, but alert, fascination as Diane spoke with the Twins of Doom and this other fellow....and then asked in a professional....no nonsense manner.....what the *&^( I had just said. Diane had lost the need of translators to speak any Terran dialect upon becoming an avatar to the Forge, but that gift did not automatically translate ordinary English into something understandable to the person standing NEXT to her.

After a bit of discussion, Diane Walker nodded and said that perhaps it would be best to see what was keeping the mages (who had been scheduled to come down here to have a little chat with these guests.....).


After navigating her way past several minor officials who felt even an Empress of another nation should NOT interrupt business of state, she had managed to get within hearing distance of the meeting between the Consort, Regent of Ethiopia (after leaving the would be "road blocks" with blistered ears), mages, and priests.

It had been a LONG, harried bull session. Records consulted, and memories flogged for a possible solution to Trilling's unwelcomed guest. They pulled it all together, and then consulted THE oldest being present with magical knowledge.

While no longer able to cast spells, Ke'lan (aka Grailing) had the oldest forms of mystical knowledge on the face of Terra Prime.

"Let's......see....." Ke'lan mutters, looking at the diagrams, prayer scrolls, and wild guesses in front of him. "Well, I remember a.....detailed but unlikely tale of something like this. From the tale and notes that Synizn took on that one centaur.....Ravenmane who also had....for a time.....the soul of yet another Fred riding along with him. (re: 1628) Hmmm."

"Yes, but that was rather different," Synizn demurred. "We could do NOTHING to prevent the soul from departing (re: 7091), and even with a Crystallic....I'm not sure we could have prevented the connection of body to that.....idiotic soul."

Heads nod at that, for THAT version of Frederigo D'Honaire had been stupid enough to read a magical tome aloud....without any control materials....without ANY idea of the danger (that a child could have seen)!. The magic had warped the man's very Matrix itself, transforming him from human to centaur. It had also ushered in the much wiser young centaur known as Ravenmane....and began a process that finally resulted in the connection of body and soul for that Fred.

"But you made notes on what happened near the end...and this gives us a clue at what must be done to send this evil soul....this.....Zular to his just deserts in the Afterlife," the Pope of Ethiopia says. "I know what and my aids will need to do with that and what the learned and true friend of the Church, Ke'lan, but......"

"The choking point are.....details, numbers, and time," the Regent sighs. "If we don't do this...and do this within the next five hours according to Ke'lan....the struggle between the light and dark souls within that ebony body will drive both minds hopelessly insane. And the real.....thing that kills me is that we can not combine all our prowess together in this effort. All together, if we could get all the mages here that are calling in by magical mirror, we would perhaps have enough minds to handle the details of it all....if no complications arose! As it stands, the most we can combine without Crystallic for this kind of magical ceremony is......three. What kind of minds could handle the demands?!"

Speculations and leaps of faith.....that's what this came down to. To this..... roadblock.

"I....believe I have a candidate," Walker nearly giggles, giddy at what she's about to suggest. "Dr. Who. You have Dr. WHO down in the gaol!"

Blank stares are all that greet that statement.

"Dr. What?" Sigin 2 asks blankly....never having seen a television show....much less the classic British sci fi show.

"Who....not what," Inquirer corrected lightly, giving the smiling Empress a strange look. "Uh, Diane...you feeling all right?"

The AI had a passing knowledge of this show from talking with others....and was only familiar with the one picture of the show's fourth incarnation of the brilliant Time Lord.

The Doctor down stairs was in his third incarnation/regeneration. Inquirer was unaware of regeneration of Time Lords......or much about the time machine he moved around in was the vehicle known as the TARDIS......

Eyebrows and hearts rise as the Empress, a long time Dr. Who fanatic, explains.

First the Twins of Doom prove to be actually helpful in a sense, apparently, by revealing the danger present amongst them.....somehow. The details weren't quiet clear to them, but the fact was that the Twins somehow brought about the approaching ruin of the evil Dark Trilling.

Could it be that the very legend would play a part in saving the life of the GOOD Light Trilling?!

"But what of magical knowledge?" Rosepaw asks, suddenly seeing the obvious problem. "What you told of him makes him to be knowledgeable about science....and totally without real magical knowledge. Does he even have the magical.....gift? The spark of magic within his blood?"

"They all have the gift," a mage who had handled a quick magical examination of them (looking for hidden items of course). "Their auras denote none have ever tapped it, however. Amazing."

"As.....for knowledge," Inquirer smiles. "We can run a soft patch....a type of temporary neural connection between them, us, and have a crash course in magic in cyber-space."

Of course, spells will be cast to tell the true nature of this Doctor....whether or not he's actually a goody or not. If he isn't, this "Doctor" is gonna need a doctor!


"You want me to what?" the Doctor nearly laughs in disbelief, then snaps back any objections or other negative comments as the wives of Trilling give off a rumbling growl at him. This "Doctor" is the key to their husband's survival. Never mind that their nation would be without a leader without Trilling.

  1. The female griffins would rip the Time Lord apart if he said "no"....That is the general impression the Twins, Stacy, and the Doctor get from this all. Besides, a mind's fate IS in the balance here....

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