Town Called Crappy

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 79431

The party ended prematurely that night, thanks to Josh Burbank.

After several drinks, an inebriated Josh took a massive dump in the oven, and turned it up to 425 degrees. The stench of the baking shit drove out everyone who had attended the party, with the exception of Josh, who had passed out drunk, and the narcoleptic Mike Cain, who was curious to see how the cooking feces would turn out.

Actually, Mike planned to force feed it all to Josh, in retaliation for ruining the reunion party.

  1. When Josh comes to, he's seated at the table, with the nastiest crap you could imagine on a plate. "Eat it," Mike Cain commands him.
  2. The oven explodes, having taken enough crap. (Doh!)
  3. No worries. Everyone who left the party simply picked up where they left off somewhere else.
  4. And I think this storyline has gone too far. Play again?

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Ben McClellan

3/4/2011 9:41:53 PM

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