The Flavor of Tedium

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 79413

One by one, Josh lifts the chips to his tongue. He carefully licks the flavored coating off of both sides of the chip and then replaces it in the dish.

Most of the chips in the bowls on the table now contain damp, rubbery chips, their flavoring gone. There are plates of tiny sandwiches and canapes, most of which are now missing their filling (Josh had amused himself by making huge sandwiches out of the tiny cheese and meat bits). He picked the shrimp out of the shrimp cocktails, and sneezed in the drinks (he did this last one just because he's a prick that way)

Mr. Qrygg bites into a chip and spits the soggy thing out. "The hell--?"

  1. Felina cockpunches him.
  2. Taking the term "party pooper" literally, Josh takes a drunken dump in the oven and turns it on.
  3. "Oh yeah, that was me, sorry," says Josh. "I'd stay away from the guacamole if I were you. My hemorrhoids were killing me."
  4. The worst, most heartbreakingly awful party evar ensues.
  5. One by one, the guest go missing in the 900-square-mile bathroom.

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7/25/2008 9:44:24 PM

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