Lost With Princess Exotica

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 780

Fred's sword managed to cut through Exotica's chains. In case she was wrong about being unable to leave, Fred attempted to guide the princess to the exit, without the help of Velus, who appeared to have wandered off on his own.

Fred and Exotica seemed to be wandering in the caves for hours. Of course with no way of seeing the sun, there was no way of judging how long it actually was. So they just kept wandering.

And wandering.

And wandering still.... until, suddenly, they realized that they were utterly lost. "Have you ever been down here before?" Fred asked, indicating the tunnel that they stood it.

"Never," came her brief and unnerving response.

"Well, we might as well keep moving," said Fred, "It's not like going back will be easier to find our way than forward, so onward we go." And at that, the brave couple continued their trek into the unknowns. A few minutes after their choice was made, they began to hear the sound of water dripping into a pool. They moved toward the sound and found a small pool blocking their way in the tunnel. The pool wasn't deep, maybe one or two feet from what they could tell, so it didn't seem too dangerous to cross it.

What should they do?

  1. Go back?
  2. Or cross the stream...
  3. Drinking From The Stream

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