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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 76804

Glowing begins to surround Fred's shape, air crackles with energy. Knocked out necromancer moans on the floor.

"I should try to make it quicker", thinks Fred and chants an incantation even faster. He feels very proud of himself as he sees his magic working.

Finally, it appears that he is covered in the cloak of purple-green- violet sparks. At this point Belboz regains his conscience and shouts "Stop now, you fool!"

Fred feels drunk with power,he never thought of process of creating magic could be so exciting and now he just wants to finish the spell no matter what it does to him, dragon or the universe.

He reads aloud the last portion of spell and shouts the last word of it:" "POEHALI!!!" But something is wrong with his voice or, perhaps, he has mispronounced some chants.

As Belboz sees it, Fred's cloak just explodes in a beautiful if too bright flash of octarine.

Fred himself feels like his every atom is disassembled and transported somewhere. Pain is overwhelming but it stops soon as...

  1. Fred materialises it the same room with a headache.
  2. Fred is teleported to some distant land. He still has a headache.
  3. Fred's atoms are equally distributed in the space of room. He has no more headache.

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