Examing things.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7598

Meanwhile Ke'lan continues to wonder how he comes to be still alive, and says as much aloud again....

"Not...that I'm complaining that I'm alive, mind you," Ke'lan laughs a nervous laughs.

The odd elf, a silver haired elf with shoulder length hair and dressed in green tunic, pants, and cape (green seems to be the in thing with elves on Terra Prime) has already explained the nature of his body....how he'd found himself trapped within the warped forest that had been his nation and homeland. Using magery and magical materials salvaged from surviving elven buildings, he completed a highly experiment al project that he had only begun when his Nation was burned by dragons..... Originally, the Proxy was made for creating a perfect replica of an ordinary Atlantian....so that some remote spying could be done....without risk of compromising important secrets under torture if the Proxy was captured. Heads of some nod at that, for hat was basically something like what was the advantage of an ordinary Avatar unit. Instead, Ke'lan crafted his Grailing body (an elf of the Low class....to not stand out to anyone still out for his death....like the Atlantians) so that the desperate elf could escape the bonds of the Forest and seek out any surviving elves who'd not been caught by the magical backlash that killed all but him in this forest/city. It worked, and Grailing was born.

"This is your area of expertise, daughter," Probe says to Inquirer. "Golem though I now am....I'm no spell slinger."

Ke'lan (a.k.a. Grailing), nods slightly, and the magical examination begins.

Elrondir stares as he watches Inquirer cast and actual.....magic spell!

"How'd you do that?!" Elrondir gasps, shocked. Probe smiles and explains the events that had transformed he and Inquirer into true golems. Now their mind resided not within the circuits of the electronic circuit wafers but with the glowing gem.

Elrondir looks like he's just been hit between the eyes with a sledgehammer, and then shakes his head violently to clear it (causing his mane of coppery hair to fly about him....despite the headband). He looks up and stares at the smiling Probe then sighs.

"After what's happened today I guess I should be able to accept that," Elrondir sighs. "I guess then....that explains why you are.....retired?"

"Semi-retired, actually," Probe chuckled anew. "Can't do my old job, since I can't go into a universe without magic.....nor can elves in general....considering their magical nature....."

Elrondir nods, having known that much.

"I now may be a civilian, but I do occasional work for the Military about....to help out where Local and Military desires overlap.....and a few other things," Probe smiles. "Things like this, and I and my daughter are also the liaisons for Ethiopia for the local Military base down there."

  1. More is not said because Inquirer has finished her exam. Both she and Ke'lan open their eyes and the female golem speaks.

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