A Temporary Frigidity

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7484

Elrondir had had a surprise when he had seen Probe and Inquirer leap out of the rocket sled. For all the strangeness of the glowing gem that each of them had on their forehead, he had instantly recognised the avatar bodies that they were "wearing". He had almost saluted Probe from force of habit, but Probe wasn't wearing uniform and furthermore it wasn't too clear to Elrondir from what he had learnt about Probe from Astra 4 whether he was still in the Military. Besides, it had not been this Probe who had been his superior officer, but an analog, plus Elrondir wasn't sure whether he himself could be regarded as in the Military any more, so the etiquette of the situation was very unclear.

Probe soon learns that Elrondir is, or at least had been, an analog of Lt Seeker - the AI who had tried to kidnap Fred and Astra 2 as part of a complicated plot of his own. [3097 and succeeding episodes.] Elrondir soon finds himself being interrogated by a now somewhat frosty Probe. However, when this Seeker, or ex-Seeker, reveals that he holds very different views about the honourable way of trying to change what is admittedly a very corrupt system back home [6613], and B'elanna describes how he had attempted to rescue her from the clutches of Tesla, Probe thaws somewhat. When Astra 4, who by now has finished telling her full story to her husband and has just about got her breath back after his hugs, intercedes on Elrondir's behalf, that settles it. She tells Probe what a valuable companion Elrondir has been, and points out that neither Dredrick nor Tarin had been blamed for the bad things that their analogs had done. (Zular had been a rather different case.)

  1. Meanwhile Ke'lan continues to wonder how he comes to be still alive.

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