Fred the Hunk?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 750

So Fred is warped into the 20th century, where he is viewed as a strange rangerat his school Westfield High, and he is in need of a 20th century, tutor of the 20's, and he meets:

  1. Chelsea (girl)
  2. Kari (girl)
  3. Jennifer (girl)
  4. Ayamai (girl-pronounced Eye-a-may)
  5. Rami (girl-pronouced Ray-me)
  6. Riley (guy)
  7. Paul (guy)
  8. Hunter (guy)
  9. Trevor (guy)
  10. Taylor (Boy or Girl)
  11. Kyllian, his younger brother, who has also been warped into the 20th century

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3/16/1999 4:27:43 PM

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