Fred In Another World

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7489

The current battered and smashed poor Fred. Back and forth he went, under the water, holding his breath...seeing the blackness overwhelm him. Suddenly cool cold air!

Fred was flying through the air and he took massive gulps and wondered how he would land.

Fortunately he passed out before that happened, saving the current author many valubale sentences.

Fred awoke with a start. Green grass. He was laying in a field that streched to the horizon, northwards. To the east was a rocky plain that gently sloped upwards to a huge mountain. This mountain went on for miles. To the south were redwoods. Massive trees that seemed to scrape the skies (which were red and gold as the sun was setting), they also continued on for miles, pittering out halfway up the mountain. They waved in the cold breeze that brough goosebumps to Fred's exposed skin.

To the west were people.

"Aaah!" goes Fred and draws his sword. He quickly notices a desolate rocky landscape that starts about a mile past the people.

A blonde, armored man stepped forward. His companions were a dark skinned man in monk robes, carrying a wizard's staff. A blonde lady with an odd innapropiate dress stood next to him. A crossbow lugging dwarf had stepped to the side, presumably to get the drop on him if he attacked. "Hello, strange sir." said the warrior. "What brings you here? Do not worry, we bring you no harm."

Fred thinks back. "A magical trap associated with a treasure chest."

"Not another one!" said the lady. She looked up to the sky. "Bob, can't you put some imagination into this?"

Fred is puzzled. "Who is Bob? Is he your diety?"

The dwarf put a hand to his head. "Thanks, Lucy. Now he's put himself into the game."

The dwarf swung a hand at nothing. "This better be good!"

"Ow! Shut up! I don't know where this is going. The rules are forcing me." Fred jumped. The voice came out of nowhere! Fred backed up.

"Can any of you please tell me what is going on?"

Now the blonde warrior looked up. "What kind of screwy role playing game had the chararcters aware of what is going on?"

"You read the rules!" said the same mysterious voice. The warrior suddenly had a sheet of parchment. He scanned it slowly.

"Whattya know."

"Game?" said Fred. "Why are you people out here?"

"To find the Jewel Of Spectral Fire." said the dwarf. "That is the first quest of the game."

"Those weapons you have are not toys."

"God, this is screwed up." said the woman. "Bob, have you been sniffing Drano?"

"No." said the voice. "Can we get back to the game? You all were having fun until a moment ago."

"Fun compared to Fraiser reruns." muttered the woman. She turned back to Fred. "I'm afraid we still don't understand what happened to you."

Fred looked at this apparently insane group.

What does Fred do?

  1. Question this group more.
  2. Run away.
  3. Lull them into a false sense of security. Flee when they are asleep.
  4. Attack them with the sword.
  5. Lull them into a false sense of security. Slay them while they sleep.
  6. Ask to speak to Bob.
  7. Hey, I like Frasier!

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