Stacy, Betty and Dan

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7482

The man looked surprised for a moment, and then said: "Sure. I'll shut up shop, and we can go out the back and talk. It's almost time to close for the day anyway."

He led Stacy and Betty into a tiny kitchen at the rear of the store, where he made coffee for the three of them. Stacy realised that she was unlikely to get to the VLA this evening now, but in spite of the urgency she felt she knew it would have to wait. Finding out what this man knew about her past must be more important.

She introduced Betty, and discovered that the man was called Dan Smith. Then she said:

  1. "So these stories I told. What were they about?
  2. "Do you remember when it was I was out here? And why I was going to the VLA nearly every day?"

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JH (who was going to call the character Dan Fogelberg, but couldn't bring himself to do it)

2/14/2000 2:17:40 PM

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