The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7259

"You know me!" Stacy shrieked happily. "You know me!" She felt like dancing, right there in the store.

The man she'd approaced smiled. "Well, sure, Stacy. I mean, I could hardly have forgotten you, could I? Stopping in here almost every day on the way to the VLA, telling all those great stories..."

"Wait," said Stacy, "wait a minute..." She took a deep breath, contemplating what she should say next...

  1. "What stories in particular do you remember?"
  2. "Do you remember when it was I was out here? And why I was going to the VLA nearly every day?"
  3. "I know this sounds wild, but I've completely lost my memory, and you're the first person I've seen who knows who I am. Could we talk?"

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2/14/2000 3:14:16 AM

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