The Starbucks at the End of the Multiverse

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 74087

Fred walks into the Starbucks, and a chime sounds over the speakers, interrupting the soft classical music playing. It is followed by a soothing voice "Welcome Lord Fred, Astra, and Velus. First time visitors get 50% off their first coffee product. Enjoy your stay."

This Starbucks resembles a weird combination of Barnes & Noble, an actual Starbucks, and a lounge. There are comfy chairs and couches everywhere, a few fireplaces, multiple counters, and a whole bookstore's worth of books and magazines. In fact, the end of the Starbucks cannot be seen in any direction except back out the front door.

Fred walks up to the counter, still bewildered, and goes to ring the little bell. An employee, whose nametag reads 'Scott Chen', pops up lightning fast and stops him. "Hey there Fred" he says in a flat tone "that is not a good idea. We dont know what that one does. Josh pulled a cord over in Men's Fashion (dont ask) and got buried in two tons of bat guano. He is still back there cleaning that up. Anyway, you thirsty?"

After requesting and receiving a description of every item on the menu (which took three hours, with two intermissions where Scott banged his head on the counter repeatedly while Fred attempted to revive Astra), Fred was ready to order. "One regular coffee please" he said, and then watched Scott's face turn three shades of red (and two of purple).

Cackling maniacally, Scott mutters in what he thinks is a whisper "always ask to hear everything, order damn regular coffee i ought to splash this in your face you primitive sword wielding bast... Here you are, sir!" at this last, he spoke back in his normal voice, putting the cup on the counter.

Fred takes his coffee, and promptly burns himself. "Ahhhhhh!!!" he screams, awaking Astra at last. She leaps to her feet, and then turns in a circle, taking in everything around her. The counters, the bright lighting, the strange machines (think espresso), the employees playing craps in the center of a book aisle, the zebroid reading "Poker: How to cheat really good at it, for cash!", the elves doing riverdance over by the first magazine section, and then...

what happens?

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  1. Astra asks Scott to explain every item on the menu.
  2. Scott goes on break. He is replaced that the counter by Sara.
  3. The dragon, in human form, enters the Starbucks. Whoa!
  4. Belboz comes out of one of the many randomly placed bathrooms, sipping a Latte.
  5. Velus checks out the dog section (yes, they have a dog section).
  6. Fred orders another coffee.
  7. Scott Chen recounts tales of woe and adventure.
  8. Reaibn comes into view, bringing some clothes up to one of the purchase counters. He is buying a new pimp cane.
  9. They stay in the Starbucks until it shifts to its next location... the Multiversal Mall!
  10. A zebroid begins zapping random people. A latte is spilled, and other ocurrences occur.

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